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Annual LENDING Compliance Recap

Recorded on January 18, 2017

While “you don’t know what you don’t know” in terms of recent lending compliance developments, you will still be held responsible for it. This is why a review of changes to the loan rules and regs is important. You must confirm what you do know, and find out what you missed.

Compliance Officers are dealing with the aftermath of TRID. In fact, many are still dealing with the math – what costs go where and what reimbursements have to be made and what if it was all the title company’s fault? There is a lot to address, plus 2016 hasn’t been a sleeper for new and revised requirements. We are digesting new HMDA rules and these are a major game changer, the Military Lending Act changes were substantive and the flood rules are always a major problem and they are changing too. And these are just three major examples that are enough to keep you busy all year. But wait, there’s more.

Many banks suffered regulatory penalties. There are valuable lessons to be learned from another bank’s mistakes and it may be your chance to tweak policies and procedures to avoid penalties under UDAAP, flood and various other penalties we can all learn from.

So what’s new, what’s different, and what do you need to focus on in 2017? This recap will help you answer these questions.

Here are a few of the things we'll cover in this fast-paced two-hour review:

  • TRID updates
    • Prroposed amendments
    • PClarifications
  • Private flood insurance
  • HMDA rule changes
  • Military Lending Act rule revisionsSCRA enforcement actions - lessons learned
  • URLA (Did you know there was a new 1003?)
  • Fair lending
  • Debt collections
    • Who to call and when
    • Repossession problems, military and civilian
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Regulatory manual updates you can use in your compliance management program
  • Legal cases of interest
  • Regulatory penalties we can all learn from
  • And much more

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