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Loan Estimate: Completion and Revision

Now that you've spent the last 9 months completing the new Loan Estimate, you have it all figured out right? Still have questions?! Join us for section-by-section, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Loan Estimate. We'll cover what you MUST, may and may not do in relation to completing the form. You can be sure all the hot topic areas will be covered in depth and in PLAIN ENGLISH! For example:

  • What exactly does "rate lock" mean?
  • Sale Price versus Property Value; which one do we use?
  • How to describe your products and terms.
  • Projected Payments section break down.
  • Closing Cost Detail, Cash to Close & Tolerances.
  • Dates & Time Zones.
  • You can be sure all the other Loan Estimate hot spots will be covered as well.
  • We've got the when where and how of changed circumstances covered too.
Webinar Reviews: 

Very well organized and information was relevant. - dkennedy

Informative - cbtcparis

Excellent - ceckstein

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