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Mastercard & Reg E Error Resolution

Recorded on October 18, 2018

Mastercard chargeback procedures outline what is required of the card issuer, merchant, and cardholder should a dispute arise between a cardholder and a merchant, or if a card is used fraudulently. However, these rules can often create confusion as to how they should be applied to the dispute that crosses your desk. Regulation E will also apply to may cardholders' disputes, and its provisions often differ from Mastercard's chargeback procedures. That can leave us wondering how long we have to complete an investigation, when to provide provisional credit, and when to ask a cardholder to contact the merchant before accepting their dispute.

In this fast-paced webinar we will compare and contrast Mastercard Operating Rules with Regulation E investigation and liability requirements. We will explore the chargeback codes that are available for the various scenarios that arise and discuss which claims are covered under Reg E and which are not. We will discuss the impact of "Chip Liability Shift" on the chargeback process. Several real-world examples will be included. These case studies will aid the listener in making critical decisions when applying Mastercard rules to assist customers and protect the issuer's bottom line.

In this two hour session, Brian will cover:

  • Mastercard chargeback codes old and new
  • The effect of EMV chip cards on chargeback rights and liability
  • Zero Liability coverage vs. Reg E liability schedule
  • Provisional credit requirements
  • Business debit cards and a comparison of coverage with personal cards
  • Proper handling of a chargeback when Regulation E also applies
  • Reg E investigation tips with and without written confirmation
  • Enforcement Actions relating to Regulation E investigation procedures
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater

Written materials will be provided for the listener to refer to during the presentation.

Who Should Attend:
Front line staff tasked with accepting customer disputes
Chargeback processors, auditors, compliance officers

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