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Consumer and Small Business RDC Mobile Capture ... Deposits on the Move!

Recorded on November 16, 2011

Remote Deposit Capture has become synonymous with 21st century banking, but innovation continues. Up to this point in time, most financial institutions have offered RDC to consumers only on a limited basis. More financial institutions are expanding Remote Deposit Capture from a treasury management product and offering RDC as part of their overall deposit product strategy.

As a financial institution increases its product offering, the risks increase exponentially because of the expansion of the targeted market. The financial institution must consider how offering RDC to consumers and small business will require a different risk assessment process and customer evaluation. The current methods for risk assessment and the application process will not be sufficient for the expanded market. Site visits and customer audits will not be practical for these larger markets.

Additionally, the cell phone has morphed into the smart phone and 3G has sped up to 4G enabling more and more applications for the business or consumer that thrives in a mobility based world.

Mobile Capture is an extension of this trend and the market is beginning to respond with new and feature rich mobile capture technology. FIs wanting to remain competitive need to consider their options and decide if mobile capture is the right decision right now!

This webinar will cover…

  • The technology options
  • Risks and risk management
  • Relevant strategy
  • The small business customer
  • The consumer customer
  • Customer applications
  • Impact of the new NACHA rule on mobile ACH payments
  • Updating your RDC Policy
  • The potential costs of offering the product
  • RCD agreements for consumers and small businesses

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