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Security Blunders: Show and Tell 2019

Recorded on November 29, 2018

BankersOnline Guru Barry Thompson, C.R.C.M. performs physical risk assessments to determine what makes financial institutions targets for bank robbery or other criminal mischief! He has performed reviews on financial institutions from Maine to Los Angeles. In this riveting webinar you will gain a working knowledge of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). This session will offer you a visual review on concepts and procedures that will improve your security.

Assessing the risks involved with the operation of a financial institution is a major concern of every CEO, operations staff, and security officer. Yet, many people have the belief it won’t happen here, we will show you that it can. Financial institutions often unwittingly make themselves targets for criminals and robbers. In this program we'll use actual pictures showing situations that make financial institutions targets for criminal attacks. Take advantage of mistakes others have made with physical security and avoid them yourself.

Join security and risk management "guru" Barry Thompson and Arvin Clar CFE, for a look at your financial institution facilities as a criminal would see them, both during operating hours and after hours. You may be surprised at what you see!

The Objectives

  • Know what to consider when implementing Pod Branches
  • Learn about how new technology should be deployed like cash recyclers
  • Understand why night inspections of financial institutions are needed
  • Understand the role of lighting and visibility
  • Building design flaws that create unsafe situations
  • Know what signage could help protect and what signs to avoid on your premises

Who Should Attend:
Board of directors; chief executive officers; senior management; middle management; auditors; security officers, training managers and members of the risk management committee.

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