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New Mortgage Servicing Rules – Successors in Interest and Bankruptcy

Recorded on April 11, 2018

Some of the most challenging changes in the CFPB's 2016 Mortgage Servicing Rules under Regulations X and Z, (which were corrected on June 27, 2017, and again on October 4, 2017), have an effective date of April 19, 2018. These changes affect major aspects of mortgage loan servicing and will have an impact on servicers' procedures. There are significant changes for large servicers, and even small servicers will be affected by some of amendments to the regulations.

In this two-hour presentation, BOL Guru John Burnett will analyze the changes created by new requirements for working with successors in interest, as well as the periodic statement challenges involved when a borrower enters (and exits) bankruptcy proceedings.

Loan servicing management and personnel, compliance officers, auditors.

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