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Stop That Payment!

Recorded on September 26, 2018

Not so long ago, stopping payment was an easy thing. The payment was either a check or an ACH item, and all you had to do was make sure you selected the right form for the customer to complete. Now, check conversions and image presentments have thrown confusion into the mix, making the handling of stop payments more complex.

The use of ACH transactions by consumers has made it more important than ever that bankers understand the relationship between Regulation E's stop payment provisions and ACH rules. It's also important that bank employees understand the relationship between revocations of preauthorized EFTs and stop payments.

Bankers must also understand the differences between the use of their systems' stop payment functionality and the actual right to stop payment. Not all payments can be stopped, and it's important that bankers know which items will almost always get them into trouble if the bank refuses payment. Failure to understand this concept can lead to lawsuits, increased legal costs, and significant losses.

In this webinar, John will cover:

  • All of the most common payment methods
  • The difference between oral and written stop payments
  • What happens after a stop payment has expired
  • The extent of the bank's exposure if it misses a valid stop order
  • How stop payment orders can be lifted or revoked
  • Who has the authority to issue a stop payment order
  • How ACH stop payment rules work
  • When a "missed" ACH stop payment may still be returned, and how
  • How to deal with claims an official check has been lost, stolen or destroyed
  • When to refuse a request to stop payment on an official check
  • Stop payments and overdrafts
  • Why a depositor may have to pay, even after payment has been stopped
  • The importance of making stop payments work on both paper and ACH items
  • When a stop payment order arrives too late

Participants in the webinar will better understand how to respond when their customer says, "Stop that payment!"

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