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Is Your Website Ready for an Audit

Recorded on February 22, 2018

Do you "publish" compliance violations for the world (and your regulator) to see? That can certainly happen on your bank's website if you are not practicing strong change management procedures and have knowledgeable people looking for "dotted i's and crossed t's."

Why Attend - Do these questions cause you concern?

  • Are you breaking the law with your website?
  • How many times have web violations misled consumers?
  • Could something on your webpage be Unfair or Deceptive?
  • Are there Fair Lending problems that could impact your CRA rating and get the attention of the Justice Department?
  • Might you be violating children's protection laws by collecting information?
  • If you offer loan applications on your site, is there a problem with ARMs?

Yes, even the simplest of webpages can violate the law, and page counters can tell your regulator how many times a violation has been seen. Just because you saw it on a big bank's site doesn't mean it is OK for you to do. You must understand the risks and comply with the rules.

Multiple regulatory requirements influence what you can and should have on your webpages. There are rules for loans, deposits, fair lending, and privacy, along with regulatory guidance specific to your presence on the Web. The rules are not "in addition to" so much as they must be interpreted and applied to this medium. Some guidance items are unique, and we'll discuss them, too.

What you will learn - Join Andy Zavoina, for a two-hour review of:

  • what should be audited on your website
  • how to audit effectively, and how often
  • common website violations
  • the basics of electronic disclosures on your site
  • what triggers E-SIGN and UETA requirements
  • ADA basics to help you avoid adverse press
  • the process you should use to implement website changes

Additional benefit - Your program materials will include workpapers to complete a thorough audit of your website. The program includes practical examples of what to look for to avoid violations and manage change. The bank's compliance officer and auditor should be the first to know if there is a problem on your site, not the last. Effective auditing and maintenance procedures are the key.

Webinar Reviews: 

Quality was very good. May need to expand this webinar to more than 2 hours so all information can be covered. - jhallman

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