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Affirmative Action Plan Checklist
BOL Guru Bob McComas has contributed a checklist he developed for focusing on the considerations that go into formulation of an Affirmative Action Plan.
Affidavit of Check Alteration
John Burnett, BOL Guru has supplied this Affidavit for your use. This document has to be signed by the drawer of the altered check. Be sure to add language at the bottom that is appropriate for notarization in your area.

Affidavit of Forgery
Affidavit of forgery - sample form for the drawer of a check to attest that a forgery has taken place

Alien Identification Procedures
BOL User Leslie Callaway has contributed information that relates to identification of alien customers and risk assessment data relating to lending to aliens, from diplomats to NRAs.

Audit Program for Fedline Advantage
After being unable to find an audit program for Fedline Advantage, Kari Walock, CCBIA, CCBCO (Countess Kiwi) from First Federal created her own and is sharing it with other BOL users. She started with the FRB Password Practice Statement and the FRB Operating Circular 5, took what they said, and used either their questions or put them into question format. New Certification Log for Auditors
BOL User Wendy LaVoie, CPA and Corporate Auditor at FirstBank Northwest provided this certification log in response to users requests.

Authorization to Close Account
Lisa Bezner, The First State Bank of Gainesville, Texas, and BOL User "Donna Banker", each furnished a different form that is designed to be filled out at the time of closing the account by tellers/new accounts to show if the customer had an ATM card, check card, etc., so those can be terminated. Review both forms to see which one would best meet your needs.
BSA Audit Program resources -- BOL user Royce Dillard has contributed a BSA audit program to Banker Tools. There are two parts: BSA audit procedures and a BSA Internal Control questionnaire. Updated 4/23/03
Business Debit Card Agreement
BOL User Cindy Williams (aka cwilliams on Bankers' Threads) has contributed a business debit card agreement that has been used by her institution.
Check 21 Tools
Check 21 tools to help you prepare and execute these rules are now available. Check 21 Page

CIP Lobby Notice Sample
Tina Sweet-Williams and Karen Stephenson have each furnished a sample of a lobby notice to inform customers about the customer identification requirements. Claim Form/Declaration of Loss
Claim Form/Declaration of Loss -- this is a sample form to be used when a customer wants to make a claim on a lost, stolen or destroyed cashier's check, teller's check, or certified check

Consumer Report Authorization for Authorized Signers on Business Accounts
Bonnie Mizrahi contributed this form for authorized signers on Business Accounts. It gives you authorization to obtain a credit report on an authorized signer either at account opening, or if the business wants to add or change an authorized signer.
Customer Identification Program Policy Samples
(Link to the Policies, Procedures, & Position Descriptions section of Banker Tools)

Death Notification Procedures and Form
BOL User Cindy Williams came up with a very comprehensive set of procedures, and an accompanying form, to ensure all affected units receive notice of the death of a customer and take the appropriate steps. You'll want to customize it for your own use, taking into consideration any state law requirements that are applicable to your institution. Disaster Recovery Guidelines Disaster Recovery - Hypothetical Situations
Disaster Recovery Contact Information Handout for Customers
Ginger Batson with First National Bank, Muskogee, has created a handout for her bank (and yours!) to provide to evacuees. This helpful two page sheet contains banking and financial services contact information, so that customers who need to replace IDs, contact their credit card issuer on lost cards, or make any number of other necessary contacts will find the numbers they need, as well as frequently asked questions prepared by the regulators. You'll find this great handout in Banker Tools in both PDF form, ready to print, as well as in Word doc format, which you can customize.

Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption Planning
Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption Planning

Dormant Accounts Audit Program
Here's a quick ten step checklist to assist you in auditing dormant accounts.
  • Dormant Accounts Audit Program (PDF format)
  • Dormant Accounts Audit Program (Word .doc format - you must RIGHT click on your mouse and "save link as" or "save target as", then pull up the file in Word)

    EIN and SSN Background
    BOL User James Richards, author of the book "Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering" (CRC Press 1998) [Editor's Note: Watch for the second edition, coming soon!], has created a detailed explanation of how EINs and SSNs work, including a table showing EIN allocations by IRS Service Center. Scroll down to page 15 of this document for the EIN/SSN info.
  • EIN and SSN Background explanation by James Richards (PDF format)
  • EIN and SSN Background explanation by James Richards (Word .doc format -- you must RIGHT click on the link and "save target as" or "save link as", save the file, then open it from Word.

    FFIEC SP-5
    FFIEC SP-5

    Foreign Naming Conventions
    BOL User James Richards, author of the book "Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering" (CRC Press 1998) [Editor's Note: Watch for the second edition, coming soon!], provides a detailed explanation of Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Western African naming conventions. Understanding these naming conventions can help you cull your database and avoid false positives.
  • Foreign Naming Conventions explanation by James Richards (PDF format)
  • Foreign Naming Conventions explanation by James Richards (Word .doc format -- you must RIGHT click on the link and "save target as" or "save link as", save the file, then open it from Word.

    Functionality Checklist for Image Exchange Solutions
    In doing your preparation for Check 21, this checklist from VECTORsgi will help you determine whether a solution has the functionality you should require.

    High Risk Entities Worksheets
    BOL User Devil Girl has contributed worksheets designed to help financial institutions comply with Bank Secrecy Act obligations to identify high risk entities. She includes examples to raise awareness and step-by-step instructions. Holiday Closing Signs - 2010
    We've updated the set of holiday closing signs Elena Little created for years past.

    Each sign is available in Word (.doc format -- you must RIGHT click on the link and "save target as" or "save link as", save the file, then open it from Word) and PDF format.
    • New Year's Day - Word       PDF
    • Martin Luther King Day - Word       PDF
    • President's Day - Word       PDF
    • Memorial Day - Word       PDF
    • 4th of July - Word       PDF
    • Labor Day - Word       PDF
    • Columbus Day - Word       PDF
    • Veterans Day - Word       PDF
    • Thanksgiving - Word       PDF
    • Christmas - Word       PDF
    • Inclement Weather - Word      A PDF version may be viewed above.
    Human Resources Review
    This tool from BOL user Brenda Williams, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, provides a questionnaire designed to ensure that six different areas of HR are properly covered: l) new hires and payrolls; 2) terminations; 3) benefits; 4) employment advertising; 5) OSHA; and 6) required notices. In addition, it contains a standard audit program for payroll processing.
    • Human Resource Review - (.xls format. RIGHT click the link and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as". Save the file, then open it using Excel.)
    I.D. Verification - PLEASE
    BOL User Brenda Canterbury notes that one of the old stand-bys for remembering driver's license ID verification procedures is the acronym PLEASE. This html page explains how it works.
    - I.D. Verification - PLEASE

    Information Security and/or Internet Banking Risk Assessment Program
    Here are a number of tools developed by a BOL user from various information sources for doing a risk assessment on information security and/or Internet Banking. The worksheets cover training issues, board and management oversight, contract issues, due diligence in service providers, oversight of service providers, and risk asseessments for policies ranging from disaster recovery to wire transfers. Internal Audit Risk Assessment
    A friend from one of the schools shared this tool with Maris Roush. It is a risk assessment model that would be used to assist with the audit scheduling. The model consists of two pages on Excel. The summary page will give an auditor a tool to prioritize his/her audits. She says it is the best she has seen because it is so simple and management can participate in it so they have a "buy-in".
    Instructions: The data sheet is where the items are risk rated by both management and audit/compliance. Audit/Compliance would use column D then "hide" the column before printing and submitting to management for their assessment (column F). Column H calculates the two risk assessments. These assessments are then "pulled" into the Summary page by specific categories. Both use the numberical basis of 1 = low through 5 = high. The column D currently has example numbers in it with the totals coming to 100 in each area. Again this are samples and should not be mistaken as "actual" risk ratings.
    Overdraft Income Tracking Spreadsheet
    Julie Riggs designed a spreadsheet for use in tracking overdraft income. It is based on a $25 per item fee, so it would need to be changed if your per-item fee is different.
    Overdraft Protection Tools
    Includes a new matrix that compares other regulations to the program (other than Reg E and Z, which were in the original matrix.) BOL user Barb McGuire takes a very organized, methodical approach to ensuring her organization has all the bases covered. As a result, she has developed a multitude of tools and matrices over the years. Here, she shares three tools she has developed for use with the overdraft protection product her bank offers. One is a matrix that analyzes the applicability of Regulation E and Regulation Z to the way their product is structured. The second is a repayment plan agreement for commercial account overdrafts, and the third is an installment repayment plan agreement for consumer customers.
    Reg D Chart - Limitations on Withdrawals and Transfers from Savings Deposits
    Reg D is all about correct calculation of reserves. To calculate reserves properly, you must classify accounts the correct way. For savings deposits, that means abiding by the restrictions on covered transfers and withdrawals that a customer may make. This chart, developed by Mary Beth Guard, helps you quickly determine which transfers and withdrawals are covered and which are not.
    Sample Comment Letter - Customer Identification Program Proposal
    Let the regulators know what you think of their proposal for Customer Identification Programs under Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act. BOL Guru Ken Golliher has responded to requests for a sample comment letter by providing an example to help get you started with drafting your own. Use this example to help spark ideas, then draft a letter that reflects your institution's views.
    Suspicious Activity Investigative Report Forms
    Offered in two varieties, one by Alan Virr and the other by Michelle Nuckols these Suspicious Activity Investigative Report forms should prove helpful in determining if there is sufficient cause to file a SAR, and to act as supporting evidence of your decision.

    Teller Time Study
    Teller Training Profile
    BOL User Suzy Hall created this teller training certification profile a while back to provide a good guide for what tellers need to have under their belts before going to the front line. TIN Refusal Rebuttal
    If a prospective customer has ever provided "constructive notice" to you of the reasons why it is supposedly within the person's legal right to refuse to provide a Taxpayer Identification Number, don't waste time and energy debating the issue. Simply provide the last two pages of this tool to provide to the customer. It contains the correct information about the legal requirements for a financial institution to obtain a TIN. (The first page is for your own information.)