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Vendors That Build Websites for Banks/CUs (Secure)

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I am struggling to find vendors that offer responsive website design, and use a CMS that would be secure for the banking industry. We are a Fiserv bank and Fiserv is an option. I've talked with several web design companies in the St. Louis market, but they all recommend building with WordPress, which is probably not the most secure option. I am looking for some referrals for vendors that build websites for banks or credit unions.

We have not reviewed any website builders and cannot make a recommendation. Based on the fact that this is the internet, you need not restrict yourself to a local geographic area. And if you have posed this question with your peers and not had a satisfactory response, ask your examiner. The examiner also won't endorse any one vendor, but they may be able to point you in the right direction such as to a bank that has a good site so that you might network there.

Also, search on penetration testers, and consider asking them who has a good record. I don't believe any are 100% but some are going to be more secure than others.

First published on 08/27/2017

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