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2021 New American Housing Survey

HUD and the Census Bureau have released the new 2021 American Housing Survey, which provides insights on housing from the height of the pandemic. Every two years, HUD and the Census Bureau produce the American Housing Survey (AHS), the most comprehensive analysis of the nation's housing inventory. The AHS covers a variety of important housing topics, including the composition and quality of the nation's housing stock; rents, mortgages and other housing costs; and neighborhood conditions. In general, 2020 and 2021 were good for homeowners but presented challenges for many renters.

Highlights include:

  • Since the 2019 AHS survey was conducted, homeowners saw sharp increases in home values and were able to borrow at low interest rates. Renters, in contrast, experienced significant cost increases, such that the median renter now pays nearly the same as the median owner in total housing costs; however, owners have many more square feet per person, 800 square feet compared to 500 for renters. Homeowners were also able to move to a better home on average when they moved, while renters were just as likely to move to a better home as a worse home. Lower income households that moved had lower rates of moving to higher quality neighborhoods and housing units.
  • Self-reported homeowner home values increased dramatically between 2019 and 2021; homeowners increased their mortgage debt modestly: and there was a sharp increase in refinancing.
  • Median housing costs for renters rose more than for owners.
  • Inability to pay rent payments similar in 2021 to pre-pandemic; mortgage payment was better
  • Home renovations modestly increased during the pandemic
  • The internet continues to increase as the primary way people are finding rental units
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