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BankUnited, N.A. counterfeit official checks

BankUnited, N.A.

Miami Lakes, FL

Fraud Investigations Manager
BankUnited, N.A.
7825 NW 148th Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33016 United States of America
Voice (305) 698-4364
Fax (305) 818-1417

BankUnited, N.A. has reported that a variety of counterfeit official checks using the bank’s routing number of 267090594 are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with various online job opportunity scams.

The counterfeit checks do not resemble the bank’s authentic item, and may be identified by the following:

Variation #1

  • The checks have a straight dark top border with the following security statement: “TO VERIFY AUTHENTICITY, SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR DESCRIPTION OF THE 13 SECURITY FEATURES.”
  • The words “OFFICIAL CHECK” and “CASHIER’S CHECK” appear in a stacked formation centered in the top portion of the check.
  • The date is located to the right of the words “CASHIER’S CHECK.”
  • The payment field has asterisks before the typed dollar amount.
  • All checks are missing the “BR” and “Originator” codes as well as the fractional ABA number.

Variation #2

  • The checks resemble those described under Variation #1; however, the date, remitter, payee, and payment amounts may be handwritten.

Checks presented to date have been made payable in amounts between $225 and $30,000 and have a variety of remitter names.

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