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Upcoming Live Webinars about Operations

ThursdayMarch 07, 2024

Security Demystified: Navigating the Top 25 Frequently Asked

ThursdayMarch 14, 2024

New! Frequently Asked Questions Released on the SECURE Act 2

On-Demand Webinars about Operations

Recorded on February 20, 2024

The FDIC’s Revised Advertisement of Membership Rule: Getting

Recorded on February 17, 2024

Top 15 Issues with HMDA

Top 15 Issues with HMDA

It has been five years since overhauled HMDA Regulation CC became effective, and Congress, the courts, and the CFPB have made some changes since then.

Recorded on February 13, 2024

AI vs CI, Coordination or Collision

Recorded on January 23, 2024

Annual OPERATIONS Compliance Recap

Annual OPERATIONS Compliance Recap

Have you checked off all the Operations changes on your list from 2023? Did you put out all those “fires” that popped up, or are there still some hot spots?

Recorded on January 12, 2024

Alert! Beneficial Ownership Information Access and Safeguar

Recorded on December 12, 2023

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Recorded on December 06, 2023

Inherited IRAs and Other Year End Issues

Inherited IRAs and Other Year End Issues

Many of the inherited IRAs have missed distributions due to the delayed release of the regulations. During this program, we will review what are the rules for inheriting an IRA and distributing to the beneficiaries.

Recorded on November 16, 2023

Avoiding Military Lending Problems

Avoiding Military Lending Problems

There are many ways to violate military lending rules and some lenders are actively doing this. One lender recently agreed to pay $225,000 because they were not providing the interest rate adjustments the SCRA requires.

Recorded on November 08, 2023

Mobile Deposits: Controlling Losses

Mobile Deposits: Controlling Losses

Nearly 88 percent of Americans accessed their checking accounts using a smartphone or tablet in 2022, and more than half of that group mobile-deposited one or more checks in 2022.

Recorded on October 31, 2023

The 15 Worst Security Mistakes

The 15 Worst Security Mistakes

Financial institutions face numerous potential security pitfalls, and the repercussions of these errors demand swift resolution.


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