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U.S. adds 'West Bank' sanctions program

February 01, 2024

OFAC has announced that the president has signed a new Executive Order, “Imposing Certain Sanctions on Persons Undermining Peace, Security, and Stability in the West Bank.”

Under the authority of the new Executive Order, OFAC added four Israeli nationals to its SDN List, with the new "Middle-East-EO" sanctions program tag.

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

CHASDAI, David Chai (Hebrew: דוד חי חסדאי) (a.k.a. HASDAI, David Chai; a.k.a. HASDAI, David Hai), Givat Ronen, West Bank; DOB 23 Nov 1994; POB Israel; nationality Israel; Gender Male (individual) [MIDDLE-EAST-EO].

LEVI, Yinon (Hebrew: ינון לוי) (a.k.a. LEVY, Yinon), Meitarim Farm Outpost, West Bank; DOB 19 Dec 1992; POB Israel; nationality Israel; Gender Male; National ID No. 203807276 (Israel) (individual) [MIDDLE-EAST-EO].

TANJIL, Einan (Hebrew: עינן טנג'יל), Kiryat Ekron, Israel; DOB 05 Jul 2002; POB Israel; nationality Israel; Gender Male (individual) [MIDDLE-EAST-EO].

ZICHERMAN, Shalom (Hebrew: שלום זיכרמן), Mitzpe Yair, West Bank; DOB 03 Feb 1991; POB Israel; nationality Israel; Gender Male (individual) [MIDDLE-EAST-EO].

First published on 02/01/2024

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