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Mock Robberies aren't wise!

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Is conducting mock robbery training for staff a beneficial training exercise?

Conducting mock robbery training that involves staff being subjected to physical contact, threats, or having firearms pointed at them is not a safe or advisable training exercise. While it may initially appear to be a well-intentioned idea, there are several significant concerns associated with this approach:

1. Psychological Impact: Some staff members may have experienced traumatic incidents in their past, such as being victims of real robberies or violent events. Exposing them to such scenarios during training could trigger psychological problems, potentially leading to the financial institution covering the costs of counseling for conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

2. Public Interference: There's a risk that account holders, visitors, or members of the general public could inadvertently intervene during the mock robbery, potentially leading to disastrous consequences or misunderstandings.

3. Law Enforcement Response: If law enforcement is not adequately informed in advance, responding officers may not realize that the bank's robbery is a training exercise. This lack of awareness could lead to the injury of the actor portraying the robber.

Considering these concerns, we strongly advise against conducting mock robbery exercises in any financial institution. Alternative and safer training methods should be explored to ensure staff are prepared for security incidents without compromising their safety or the safety of others.

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First published on 10/15/2023

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