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Suspicious Incident Report

This document was provided by Dana Turner, Security Education Systems.

Do you ever have an incident in a branch that your Security Officer, management, or others need to be aware of? It may not require an immediate telephone call, but certainly you will have reportable incidents and for various reasons. This may be an issue of security, liability or the health and welfare of employees and customers. Obtaining the details in a timely manner of such incidents are important. Some examples of reportable incidentes include:

  • A customer "slips-and-falls" in the institution's lobby;
  • A "fender-bender" occurs in the institution's parking lot, particularly if the collision involves an institution vehicle;
  • An employee is believed to be using alcohol or drugs at work;
  • An employee who talks constantly about financial problems; or
  • An employ who tells a co-worker that she is a victim of domestic violence.

While you may want to use a paper version of this form or at least have a few copies handy, you are encouraged to have it available in e-form so that it may be completed online or attached to an email.

First published on 05/01/2012

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