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Is Your Bank Penetrable?

Recorded on January 12, 2012

Do you think you're safe from a network attack? Did you know that social networking websites, such as Facebook, can be used to compromise your bank? This webinar will discuss a range of social engineering techniques and show how they can be used to gain entry to your physical premises and eventually your data networks.

Information Security Expert and Penetration Tester Steve Stasiukonis will explain the numerous ways a bank network can be compromised. The presentation will explain how white-collar criminals leverage the use of common people, processes and technologies to infiltrate the internal workings of your bank network. Steve will share real world experiences on how his company used these techniques to breach the networks of numerous banks and other financial institutions.

This program will end with BOL Guru Barry Thompson focusing on policies and procedures you will need to protect your financial institution. You'll also learn about the training you need to perform to protect your information, physical security and staff from becoming a victim.

The Objectives

  • Learn the ways social networking websites like Facebook can be used to penetrate your bank
  • Know how social engineers can use the internet to obtain your passwords
  • Learn the procedures people use to gain physical access to your facilities
  • Learn the techniques people will use to compromise your staff in person
  • Know the policies, procedures and training needed to protect your bank

Who Should Attend: Board of Directors; Chief Executive Officers; Senior Management; Middle Management; Compliance Professionals, Information Security, Human Resources; Auditors; Security Officers

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