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Mann v. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp.

In this January, 2003 decision from the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court considers the debtors' contention that the lender's mere recordation of postpetition, preconfirmation attorney fees incurred by the lender, on its internal books, viol

Sinclair v. Hawke

Can a stockholder or assignee of the assets of a failed financial institution assert claims in a civil action against the Comptroller and other OCC personnel who made the decision to close the institution?

United States v. Thomas

What should a financial institution do if an employee suspects that a care giver is taking advantage of an elderly customer?

Phillips v. Grendahl

We have included this case, which does not directly involve a financial institution, because it provides a good opportunity to focus your attention on two factors: the need to guard against abuse of credit report access and the need to do backgrou


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