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#1529407 - 03/31/11 02:40 PM Reg CC Hold Notices
cory Offline
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Regarding extended hold notices, if the deposit was not made in person and therefore not given to the customer, when is everyone sending out the notice? I think it is customary to send the next day but there is langauge in the reg that states "If the notice is not given at the time of the deposit, the depository bank shall mail or deliver the notice to the customer as soon as practicable, but no later than the first business day following the day the facts become known to the depository bank, or the deposit is made, whichever is later."

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#1529415 - 03/31/11 02:45 PM Re: Reg CC Hold Notices cory
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If we have to mail a notice we put it in the mail the same day the deposit was processed. We also provide verbal notification to the customer to let them know of the delay.
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#1529444 - 03/31/11 03:03 PM Re: Reg CC Hold Notices Y'all Comply
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We mail the same day, and also give the customer a courtesy call to let them know.
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#1529846 - 03/31/11 07:22 PM Re: Reg CC Hold Notices gacompliancegirl
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For case-by-case holds, any notice that's not given at the time of the deposit is pretty much useless to the customer unless you have some way better than snail mail to provide the notice. In fact, the Fed's Reg CC proposal would make impossible to impose a case-by-case hold other than at the time of the deposit, if the customer has given you an email address for notice purposes, unless you make the notification by email no later than the business day after the day of deposit.
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