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#2120312 - 03/02/17 08:33 PM Loan Processing
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All loan documents are processed at central location. The Loan Officer or Assistant will enter all necessary information about a loan on a write up. The write up includes who the customer is, rate, term, collateral, fees, disbursement, etc. The write up alone is sent to Processing to type the loan based on the information provided on the write up.

We have concluded that our write up and/or process is not effective. We have one write up for all loan types to make it simple for everyone. Do you have one write up for real estate and one for non-real estate?

Would anyone be willing to share their process or if they have write up?

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#2120314 - 03/02/17 09:02 PM Re: Loan Processing Dodge
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I've always thought it helpful to look from the point of the processor. Are they getting the information they need in the order that they need it?

Something as simple as a consumer auto loan may have very few fields to fill in to get docs compared to a commercial real estate loan. Lock down as much as you can or you need to.

Walk through the loan doc process with some test loans and see how the info should flow and what the questions on your document software are. It may surprise you.

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