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Written Visitor Procedure

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Do you by chance have a visitor procedure that you could share with me?

While we have no procedures written out for you, we recommend the following:

1. At money locations, anyone going behind the teller line should have to sign a log. It doesn't matter if it is a bank employee not assigned to that area or a visitor of any type. So, if I am a repair person, a consultant, or even the CEO they will have to sign the log if they enter the area. This is, of course, after the person was verified as a repair person or visitor with a special purpose.

2. In the main office where people can walk into areas not normally open to the public, we would provide them a fading visitor badge. Anyone not known to staff observed in the back office or in your executive area and not wearing a visitor tag must be questioned.

3. The visitor tag is good for one day and should be marked with an expiration date. You can purchase visitor stickers that will fade completely in 24 hours. We prefer those stickers to a name badge.

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First published on 02/04/2024

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