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Alogent recently created a new spreadsheet that helps bankers calculate the cost of their current exception tracking workflows.

Modern Payments Infrastructure: 1 Platform, 1 API, All Channels
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Reg O in a Box

Pam Zbylut put Reg O in a box! By making the box fairly devoid of "regulatory gobbletygook", Pam reports it works well for the loan officers. Some of the the most frequent questions she gets as a compliance officer of a $700 million bank involve clarification on approval levels and dollar limits. She makes this form available on the common directory of her bank's network, but only in read-only format to assure it doesn't accidentally get changed.

It identifies Executive Officers by name, so there are no mistakes, Download the chart as a Word doc. below, so that you may maintain control over the content but this will require maintenance as your "insiders" change.

First published on 05/04/2018

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