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Upcoming Live Webinars about Deposit Operations

WednesdayJune 08, 2022

Advertising Smartly

Advertising Smartly

That is what the CFPB fined nine mortgage lenders in in less than a four-month span in 2020 for false advertising. If one of your hats means you produce, audit, review, or answer to the advertisements your bank uses, this webinar is for

ThursdayJune 09, 2022

IRAs—Death Distributions

IRAs—Death Distributions

Eligible designated beneficiary, Designated Beneficiary and Nondesignated Beneficiary what you need to know!

MondayJune 13, 2022

Avoiding Check Losses

Avoiding Check Losses

Your bank or credit union expects tellers and others who handle checks for the institution to do so accurately, efficiently, and carefully. You also expect those checks to be handled with minimal risk of losses.

ThursdayJuly 14, 2022

Opening Business Accounts—Beyond Basics

On-Demand Webinars about Deposit Operations

Recorded on May 17, 2022

Managing Stop Payments

Managing Stop Payments

It’s Monday morning, and a customer wants your bank not to honor a payment she initiated from her account over the weekend.

Recorded on May 09, 2022

Opening Deposit Accounts Online—CIP, CDD, Compliance and Ris

Recorded on April 20, 2022

UDA(A)P and Complaints

UDA(A)P and Complaints

Everything old, is new again. In January 2020, the CFPB issued a policy statement on how it was interpreting and enforcing UDAAP. In March 2021 the new acting director of the CFPB announced a reversal of that position.

Recorded on April 13, 2022

Currency Transaction Reporting: Line-by-Line Updated for 20

Recorded on April 12, 2022

DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS: Closings and Changes

DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS: Closings and Changes

Just as there is a right way (and many wrong ways) to open deposit accounts, there is a right way to close and change them. Closing an account incorrectly can expose your bank to lawsuits and losses.

Recorded on March 15, 2022

Managing Unauthorized ACH Items

Managing Unauthorized ACH Items

When your bank receives a claim that an ACH charge to a customer’s account was unauthorized, you have to respond correctly and your customer expects swift results.

Recorded on February 23, 2022

BSA 2022 Annual Staff Training

Recorded on February 22, 2022

Overdrafts – A Current View

Recorded on January 19, 2022

IRA Update and Review—2021-2022 Tax Season

Recorded on December 16, 2021

Currency Transaction Reporting: Line-by-Line


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