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#1886196 - 01/14/14 12:17 AM Searching for answers to your HMDA questions?
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It's that time of year again when old and new HMDA reporters search for answers in their efforts to produce squeaky clean LARs.

As long as HMDA has been out there, a lot of the questions that come up have been answered in the past. Just as often, you can't find what you're looking for or don't know how to search for it. In light of this, may I suggest the following options:

There is a good search function here on BOL. Click on Search in the blue bar on the top of this page and then chose advanced and fill out the boxes. You can even pull up part of the thread if you click the box that reads: Show a preview of post body with results.

If it doesn't produce the answers you need, try using google.
If you include BOL in your search, it will bring up links to threads that can help you.

Additionally, bookmark the GIR on your computer. You should have a box with the word 'find' in it at the top of the opening page of the GIR. Insert your keyword there and keep hitting 'next' till you find the reference you need.

This is by no means meant to discourage you from asking a question here in this forum. It's truly meant as a helping hand from someone who relies on BOL every day and definitely has been there...done that...and got the t-shirt. smile

Here's to perfect LARs for us all!

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#2094682 - 08/23/16 01:30 PM Re: Searching for answers to your HMDA questions? Truffle Royale
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Took a 1003 application for a construction loan and collected GMI information. Meet with customer to sign early disclosures and customer decided the construction loan had to many costs and decided they wanted to do a HELOC and use their equity to build the new home.

Asked our auditor if we needed to withdraw the 1003 application and have customer sign a new application for the HELOC, they indicated we didn't need a new application and could make comments as to customers request to change the product, this is what we did.

Now we have another auditor looking at the file and they have indicated we should have blacked out the GMI information after the customer requested the change in product. Is this correct that the GMI should have been blacked out? We do not report HELOC loans to HMDA so the information wasn't used.

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#2131775 - 05/24/17 07:19 PM Re: Searching for answers to your HMDA questions? Truffle Royale
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If you don't report HELOCs for HMDA reporting mark out the GMI with a marker, state "the information was inadvertently collected", date and have loan officer initial. You should be okay. This is what we have done and have not been criticized by examiners.

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#2177048 - 05/07/18 08:25 PM Re: Searching for answers to your HMDA questions? Truffle Royale
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I am looking to see if anyone here using Encompass? My issue is when I go to the Pipeline and pull the HMDA report it is pulling ALL the TBDs even ones that are not Pre-Approval. Do you just remove them from your report? Or should a create a report in the Reports tab with all the HMDA fields?

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#2179739 - 05/24/18 09:14 PM Re: Searching for answers to your HMDA questions? larmanini
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Are these active or decisioned loans?

If they have been dispositioned, have you marked the "Exclude from HMDA report" checkbox on the HMDA Information form? (located top right next to HMDA Reporting Year)

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