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#217266 - 12/03/05 02:34 PM Re: Make your own story!
ZGuy20 Offline
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Once there was a small cat. And by small I mean 4 feet tall and 74 pounds. His name was Melvin. Don't be mistaken by mild-mannered Melvin, with a flash he can transform into the all-powerful being known as....

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#217267 - 12/03/05 04:52 PM Re: Make your own story!
Raymond Offline
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Joined: Jul 2004
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The Land of OZ
X-Ron! The powerful convergence of conservatism and liberalism in peaceful, yet powerful, harmony. Dressed in a foreboding outfit of...

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#217268 - 12/03/05 04:58 PM Re: Make your own story!

Blue, Green, white, and yellow rabbits feet. He Springs into action and starts...

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#217269 - 12/05/05 05:36 PM Re: Make your own story!
Pirate Offline
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...attacking the Queens. They scramble towards safety but the mighty X-Ron strikes them down with extreme prejudice. Amidst the slaughter, something catches X-Ron's eye...
Never trust a pirate...

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#217270 - 12/05/05 05:50 PM Re: Make your own story!
*BUSTER* Offline
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In hades.
it's a picture of Camilla, X-ron's sworn enemy, he...
Gun nut who enjoys doughnuts!!!

I never finish anyth

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