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#1810547 - 05/02/13 10:29 PM Reg B Appraisal Notice Disclosure
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How and when to give the notice. We can provide notice any time from the time when the application is taken, up to and including the time the applicant is advised of the action taken. Whether the application is approved, rejected or withdrawn it is my understanding that the notice be provided to the applicant. In our case we provide the notice to all applicable applicants. The question was raised as with a withdrawn application if it is required? It would be my interpetation that yes, they are an applicant and should receive a notice as we disclose to all applicants. In one particular case the applicant withdrew, but not within the first three days of application and in fact was several days out. An appraisal was in the file and it was also referenced in the comments. The LO does not feel they should have been required to provide the notice, I disagree. I would appreciate feed back from others on this one.

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#1810577 - 05/03/13 09:52 AM Re: Reg B Appraisal Notice Disclosure LAK
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It sounds like you provide notice of right to receive rather than routinely provide appraisal reports. This notice must be given by the time a decision is made. Since you were already to the appraisal stage, I would imagine an approval decision had been made, although probably conditional. Once you sent out the commitment letter or the like, the notice should have gone out with it.

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