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#344470 - 05/20/05 02:04 PM Re: Apprentice Predictions!
Just Suzy Offline
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Did anyone think there was a conflict of interest with Chris putting down Tana and then revealing that he was doing business with Kendra? And another thing that bugged me was they did not go over and over Kendra's comment about the high schoolers lacking class and how much she hated them and wanted them to fail.

But with that being said Tana was embarassing and unprofessional. The editing is creative but it always is on these kinds of shows.

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#344471 - 05/20/05 02:12 PM Re: Apprentice Predictions!
Rubaiyat Offline
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Tana's husband is a meteorologist on a TV station where I live and I have to think that he was embarassed by Tana's behavior toward the end. I generally don't watch Apprentice but because Tana lives where I do, I saw parts of the last two episodes and have to admit that I was a little embarassed to have her representing my city. I think she is very capable but took the wrong approach in how she went about this. Looks like the best person got the job.
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#344472 - 05/20/05 03:25 PM Re: Apprentice Predictions!
Raiderette Offline
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I was so excited when he hired Kendra. She answered her questions perfectly last night. It was also nice to see that a girl won.
Tana was very unimpressive last night. I was almost embarassed for her.
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#344473 - 05/20/05 03:35 PM Re: Apprentice Predictions!
Bones Offline
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I didn't see the show last night, but I am happy to hear that Kendra won. She deserved it way more than Tana did.
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