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Jeopardy Training Game - Two Versions

BOL User Jennifer Foote, First National Bank in Manitowoc, WI had an idea. She wanted to create a BSA Jeopardy game to use in training, but she wasn't sure how to do it. Andy Z suggested linking worksheets in Excel and offered to put it together with her help on the questions and answers. Oops, sorry, this is Jeopardy, the answers and the questions. Jennifer used it soon after it was done and said it was very successful. Now it is being shared with you.

There isn't a PDF version because of the way the links were set up and the way it is written so as to appear on screen better. It is password protected, but the password is blank, there isn't one. You'll need to remember this so you can customize it.

Jay Lee, from CalCom Federal Credit Union, provided a PowerPoint version of BSA Jeopardy. The questions are different but the process and use is the same as Jennifer's. While this is targeted at credit unions, it can be easily customized to any institution. You can view the PDF version to see the content and while the links work, the slide transitions in PowerPoint are not there, so you'll see the answer right away on the PDF. The PowerPoint shows the question, then the answer.

First published on 05/13/2009

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