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#1354706 - 03/09/10 10:05 PM Examiners Requiring New Appraisals?
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Are any other banks being told during their exam that internal evaluations using recent comparable sales or recent market rates for the income approach are not adequate to renew a loan, so the bank needs to get a new appraisal?

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#1354732 - 03/09/10 10:25 PM Re: Examiners Requiring New Appraisals? Timex
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I know of at least two FI's who have been required to get new appraisals.

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#1354742 - 03/09/10 10:44 PM Re: Examiners Requiring New Appraisals? CompDat
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Depending on the size, credit rating, or overall market softness, the examiners could require you to get new appraisals at any time.

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#1354747 - 03/09/10 10:47 PM Re: Examiners Requiring New Appraisals? SuperBanker
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Not that unusual for a bank with problem credits, or in a soft market. The reserve, etc. all hinge on those values.
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