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#1638668 - 12/14/11 11:44 AM Corky's Day!!!
TINKerBell Offline
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Tiger's Den!
Happy Birthday to a special lady!
The last thing that blew my mind was the wind.

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#1638669 - 12/14/11 11:38 AM Re: Corkey's Day!!! TINKerBell
E.E.G.B Offline
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the sandy shore
Happy Birthday, Corky!
I disbelieved what he was saying so hard, I probably created an alternate universe where it wasn't true.

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#1638671 - 12/14/11 11:46 AM Re: Corkey's Day!!! E.E.G.B
DeeQ Offline
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Turnpike Exit 10
Happy birthday to you! smile
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain

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#1638675 - 12/14/11 12:29 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! DeeQ
Snow Bunny Offline
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Snow Bunny
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In the Snow :)
Happy, Happy Birthday Corky! Hope you have an amazing day!!!!
The woods are lovely dark & deep & I have promises to keep & miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep

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#1638676 - 12/14/11 12:20 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Snow Bunny
NotPerfect Offline
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Happy Birthday Corky!!!

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#1638679 - 12/14/11 01:07 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! NotPerfect
Skittles Offline
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Corky - I hope you have the most wonderfulest of days! It is certainly deserved.
My Opinions Only

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#1638681 - 12/14/11 01:10 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Skittles
3-2-Go Offline
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Happy Birthday Corky!!

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#1638683 - 12/14/11 01:17 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! 3-2-Go
kitten Offline
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Not prison
MEOW! to the best ornabuddy!!! xo
I shall call you Thunder Twonk. ~TfD

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#1638685 - 12/14/11 01:20 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! kitten
Bagweaver Offline
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Happy birthday! Let us eat cake!!! laugh
Semiretired. Working parttime at Historic Westville as a tour guide.

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#1638699 - 12/14/11 01:36 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Bagweaver
manimal Offline
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Happy Birthday Corky!!! Have an awesomely awesome B-Day. grin
We're all here 'cause we've lost control.


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#1638704 - 12/14/11 01:41 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! manimal
waldensouth Offline
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FINALLY ABOVE the gnat line
Happy Birthday, Corkey. May your day and year be blessed!
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

- Frederick Douglass

My Opinion Only.

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#1638722 - 12/14/11 01:58 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! waldensouth
A_G Offline
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Happy birthday, Corkey!
With the lights out, it's less dangerous.

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#1638725 - 12/14/11 02:00 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! A_G
edAudit Offline
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You are here
Happy bithday
Opinions can be considered as coming from anywhere but my employer.


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#1638740 - 12/14/11 02:15 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! edAudit
#Just Jay Online
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#Just Jay
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Happy Birthday Ms. C!
I don't repeat gossip, so listen closely...

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#1638743 - 12/14/11 02:28 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! #Just Jay
cheekEE Offline
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Easy Street
Happy Birthday to a lady that keeps me smiling.
Some days good karma isn't worth the hassle.

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#1638755 - 12/14/11 02:34 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! cheekEE
Pup Offline
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Pedaling along a scenic highwa...
Happy Birthday, Corkster!

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#1638794 - 12/14/11 03:20 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Pup
JacksTigger Offline
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lost in compliance land
Hope you have a wonderful day !!
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened ~ Dr. Seuss


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#1638809 - 12/14/11 03:31 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! JacksTigger
Dip Offline
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San Diego, CA
A very special lady indeed! Happy happy birthday Corky!!!
Dabbling in banking, law, accounting...the life of a trustee.

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#1638825 - 12/14/11 03:49 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Dip
Quadspapa Offline
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Quadrupletville, Texas
Happy Happy Birthday Corkey!
"I don''t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." - - Will Rogers (still relevant today)

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#1638843 - 12/14/11 04:20 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Quadspapa
hmdagal Online
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Happy birthday!

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#1638852 - 12/14/11 04:17 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! hmdagal
Bankbb1, PITA Offline
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Bankbb1, PITA
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The Sovereign State Of Oklahom...
All Hail Corkey! And Happy Birthday too! laugh
Run like the wind, but never forget gravity. wink

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#1638854 - 12/14/11 04:20 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Bankbb1, PITA
P*Q Offline

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To my fellow royal Queen, most happiest of days to you today. Love ya sistah!

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#1638879 - 12/14/11 04:45 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! P*Q
'Lil Freak! Offline
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'Lil Freak!
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The psych ward
Happy birthday, Corkster!
No, I didn't lose my mind. It got scared and ran away.

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#1638917 - 12/14/11 05:28 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! 'Lil Freak!
Bones Offline
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Land of Enchantment
Happy Birthday, Corky!!! Enjoy your day!
You need an attitude adjustment ---- let me get my tools!

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#1638921 - 12/14/11 05:30 PM Re: Corkey's Day!!! Bones
Queen Mum Offline
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Queen Mum
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Happy Birthday!!!!

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