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#203443 - 06/23/04 05:00 PM Check and Visa Cards - age limits
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Do you have any age limit requirements written in your policies that only allows customers 18 (PA legal age) and over to obtain a check card or a visa card? If you have a minor on a checking account with a parent will you issue a check card to them?

We have a customer who wants to give her 14 year old son a check card and we aren't sure that is something we want to do or have to do?
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#203444 - 06/23/04 05:13 PM Re: Check and Visa Cards - age limits
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This has been discussed in the threads before. I know I didn't like it but some banks do issue them, state laws allowing. Specifically to Visa, there may be something in their rules addressing this. A search or another poster may confirm that.
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#203445 - 06/23/04 06:50 PM Re: Check and Visa Cards - age limits
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Visa does have a prepaid card program for teens called "Visa Buxx" that might be an alternative.

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#203446 - 06/24/04 01:30 AM Re: Check and Visa Cards - age limits
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One must be of age to enter into a contract. Usually, a joint account with an adult will suffice. Policy and state laws govern legality.

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#203447 - 06/24/04 01:06 PM Re: Check and Visa Cards - age limits
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We allow 16 year olds to have a debit card with ATM access only. At 18 they can have POS and ATM.
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