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#1861327 - 10/14/13 07:49 PM Re: Columbus Day Sound Tactic
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Here's what many of the Native Americans think . . .

Native American Media
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#1861329 - 10/14/13 07:58 PM Re: Columbus Day ahkcompliance
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Columbus Never Landed on American Soil—Not in 1492, Not Ever

Yes this is the Native North American propaganda. Like I said, there is "some" merit to this. Keep in mind Colombo was Italian, but sailed under funding from Spain. The Spanish were brutal to the new world people they encountered. However, when Colombus first came to the new world, he encountered resistance, not peace.

Later it was reported, during his governance of a small island, that he was involved in a brutal crackdown. But this was after he was so old, that his territory was essentially governed by a second person. If you go to the Carribean the people there are very proud who are from British colonies. But the former Spanish colonies are not happy about the Spaniards.

For those of you who think Colombus is to some way blame for what happened in the Americas let me ask you this. If any other person had discovered the Americas, would we have come to some peaceful conclusion and occupation?
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#1861340 - 10/14/13 09:05 PM Re: Columbus Day Truffle Royale
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
Originally Posted By: Truffle Royale
So he didn't treat them any worse than some other group. Still didn't treat them any better. And I still don't see a need for any individual honoree days when a group like the Vets should be getting the homage they deserve. btjmho and y'all have yours and none of us can do anything because it takes an act of congress to change/make a holiday and, considering the status quo, it'll be a cold day in hedoubletoothpicks before anything as minor as this gets changed. Unless, of course, Bob Costas decides to speak out about it. wink

well, according to my calendar November 11 is veterans day, may 31 is memorial day, both are for former or current military, one honoring those who are still living, one for the deceased. Has something changed i was not aware of? Have we cancelled these as holidays?
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