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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 17, Number 2

February 26, 2007

Reverse Mortgage Volume Up 77%: New Hot Item in Financial Institutions

Rising home values, larger sales forces and increased consumer acceptance contribute to a significant increase in reverse mortgages.

Daylight Saving Time

If there’s a clock associated with it, you have to change it.

Special Security Alert

Recent activity prompts a U.S. Postal Service bulletin to all financial institutions advising careful examination in handling correspondence and packages.

FBI Fraud Alert Poster Available

Posters created by the FBI to provide critical information about scamming and fraud devices used by criminals are available to help financial institutions educate the public.

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Training Page
Identity Theft Techniques, Part IV

by Dana Turner

It's not just your depositors who suffer when someone steals their identity. Dana Turner explores the methods thieves use to obtain personal identification information that affects your institution and your account holders.

Prepaid Card Alternative to Payday Loans

An alternative to payday loan programs is being offered by one bank holding company.

FSA Warns About Global Warming Risks

The FSA has issued a warning to the financial services sector that they should be looking at the risks and challenges of climatic changes.

From the editor's desk
Enter Congress

by Barbara Hurst

In the wake of rising identity theft crimes, watch for actions Congress may take that will affect your financial institution.

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Executive Editor:
Barbara Hurst
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Genilee S. Parente
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Andy Zavoina

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