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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 30, Number 6

June 30, 2020

Will the Fed Move Into Retail Banking?

by Teri Wesley

In response to the COVID crisis and to give unbanked Americans access to federal government relief funds, legislation has been proposed that would move the Federal Reserve into the retail banking business.

When in Crisis, Print Your Own Money

by Teri Wesley

The pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to the global economy. Some communities are providing their own economic relief with local currency

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Reducing Your Vulnerability During Civil Unrest

by Jim Beveridge

Faced with fast-developing unrest and violence, it's critical to have and implement proven crisis management plans built on a platform of crisis communication, emergency response, and business continuity programs.

Cyber Warnings and Proposed Legislation

In response to the surge in cyber risks spurred by the COVID-19 crisis and a dire warning that more threats are imminent, lawmakers are proposing several bills to address fraud and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Fintech Fraud Scandal

The Wirecard scandal raises questions about auditors' role in combatting fraud.

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Crises Converge on our Nation

by Jim Beveridge

The pandemic and civil unrest that has dominated the public conversation this year must focus our attention on the underlying racial and socioeconomic divisions in this country.

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