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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 28, Number 7

July 24, 2018

Traditional Banks Taking a Direct Hit

by Teri Wesley

A recent study suggests that challenger banks are outperforming traditional retail banks in overall customer satisfaction.

Banking on AI and ML

by Teri Wesley

Banks and financial firms are levering emerging technologies to comply with regulatory standards, operate more efficiently, and manage increased risks.

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Creating an RFP for Contract Security Guard Services & Solutions

by Jim Beveridge

When considering outsourcing security guard services, a clear and concise Request for Proposal (RFP) process will enable you to effectively identify and retain quality providers.

New Fraud Task Force

President Trump recently issued an Executive Order (EO) that establishes a new fraud task fraud.

Interactive ITM Fraud Solution

With more banks deploying interactive teller machines, fraud mitigation solutions are essential to protect banks and consumers.

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The Third Degree

by Jim Beveridge

An early polygraph examiner's interrogation technique is still used today by security and fraud investigators in the banking industry.

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