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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 19, Number 5

June 10, 2009

Single Regulator Proposal Attacked
Bankers in Agreement

Consumer groups, regulators, and bankers have joined the bandwagon in opposing the Administration's proposal for a consolidated regulator.

Official Help for Community Banks Proposed

Smaller banking institutions are playing a more vital role in today's economic environment and help is on the way to relieve some of their regulatory burden.

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Training Page
Tips for Tellers, Part I

by Barbara Hurst

The role and responsibilities of tellers has changed significantly over the years. Ongoing training is necessary to arm our front line with the skills they need to meet the challenges they face.

Debit Overcomes Credit Usage

Consumers have a growing preference for using debit over credit cards.

Account Holders Happy With HSAs

The support for HSA accounts is growing stronger in today's economy.

From the editor's desk
Our Front Line - FinCEN's "Special Victims Unit"

by Barbara Hurst

Our front line is the best defense we have against fraud and catching the thieves who are hoping to 'beat the system'.

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Executive Editor:
Barbara Hurst
P. Kevin Smith, CPP
Contributing Editor:
Genilee S. Parente
Board of Advisors:
John S. Burnett
Peter G. Djinis, Esq.
William Gearin
Lucy H. Griffin
Mary Beth Guard, Esq.
David McGuinn
Robert G. Rowe, III, Esq.
Barry Thompson
Dana Turner
Andy Zavoina

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