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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 27, Number 4

April 24, 2017

EMV & ATM Compliance

by Teri Wesley

Upgrading your ATMs with EMV technology may reduce your institution's liability for fraud and lower your risk of card skimming and other ATM fraud.

ATM Physical Attacks are Up

by Teri Wesley

With mainstream adoption of EMV, physical attacks targeting ATMs is on the rise.

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Technology Update
Portable Metal Detector

Training Page
Facial Recognition Software

by P. Kevin Smith, CPP

As the use of facial recognition technology becomes more widespread, bank employees should have a basic understanding of how this rapidly evolving technology works.

CFPB Seeks Input on Remittance Rule

The Bureau CFPB is soliciting comments on a planned assessment of the Remittance Transfers Rule.

ADA Compliant Banking

Not just a requirement, it's also a good practice to provide all users with equal access to their financial accounts.

Focus on Fraud

From the editor's desk
Thank Your Mentors

by P. Kevin Smith, CPP

Mentors not only guide us as we navigate our careers; they also provide us with wisdom to pass along to those that look to us for guidance.

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P. Kevin Smith, CPP
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