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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 32, Number 10

October 31, 2022

No More Surprises

by Teri Wesley

Regulators and lawmakers are taking strong action in response to growing complaints from consumers about hidden or “surprise” fees charged by financial services providers and other companies.

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TX360 Threat Monitoring and Situational Awareness Platform

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Fire and Life Safety Emergency Action Plans

by Jim Beveridge

While fire safety is not something security officers give a lot of thought to, any unexpected emergency that places people in danger disrupts the routine of the enterprise and can have adverse effects on an institution if there has not been any training to preplanning to prepare for these emergencies.

Updated Cybersecurity Resource Guide for FIs

To help financial institutions combat the rise in ransomware threats, the FFIEC has issued an updated Cybersecurity Resource Guide for Financial Institutions.

Skimming Fraud Targeting SNAP/EBT

Card skimming attacks are being launched against those Americans who are most in need and have little recourse to recoup these losses.

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What We Can Learn From Hurricanes

by Jim Beveridge

In the wake of Hurricane Ian and to help banks respond to future weather-related disasters, the FDIC updated guidance that provides some valuable lessons learned from two major events.

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