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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 30, Number 7

July 31, 2020

Coin Shortage Due to COVID, Not a Conspiracy

by Teri Wesley

Despite the conspiracy theories circulating among social media that the government is trying to track consumers spending, the nation's coin shortage is directly related to the COVID crisis.

The New Normal at ATMs

by Teri Wesley

A recent report highlights the impact COVID has had on the ATM industry and how new technology is paving the way for the new normal in banking, especially at ATMs.

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Helping Employees Cope in a Time of Crisis

by Jim Beveridge

While we may not be able to control external circumstances created by the global pandemic, we can take steps to help our staff navigate these unprecedented times.

New FinCEN Guidance on Banking Hemp Businesses

FinCEN has issued guidance to clarify customer due diligence requirements for banks servicing hemp businesses.

Mitigating Synthetic ID Fraud

The Fed's latest Payments Fraud Insights highlights the need for a collective approach to mitigating synthetic identity fraud in payments.

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Essential Workers: The Unsung Heroes During COVID-19

by Jim Beveridge

Despite the challenges they face today, essential workers are doing what they can to support the country and the communities they serve during the COVID crisis.

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