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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 32, Number 12

December 28, 2022

New Year: New Regulatory & Risk Challenges

by Teri Wesley

While we can’t predict what the New Year will usher in, industry trends and regulatory changes that are on the horizon give us a glimpse into what we can expect in 2023.

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Gated Security for ATMs

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Hiring Armed Security Officers to Prevent Robberies

by Jim Beveridge

Crime prevention is the most complex variable to quantify in the deliberation over whether to accept the risks associated with deploying armed security guards in your bank branches.

AML/KYC Bill for Digital Assets

With the rise in cryptocurrency for illicit use, lawmakers are pushing for more robust regulation of the digital asset industry.

Card Testing Attacks are Back

The rapid acceleration of e-commerce and online businesses has led to the return of a once popular card fraud tactic.

Focus on Fraud

From the editor's desk
The Vigilante Crime Fighters of the 1920s and 1930s

by Jim Beveridge

During the Great Depression, bankers were often viewed by the general public as the "bad guys" and bank robbers were regarded as celebrities instead of villains.

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Jim Beveridge
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