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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 25, Number 6

June 17, 2015

Cut Consumer Complaints Off at the Pass

by Teri Wesley

The best way to avoid regulatory attention from consumer complaints is to cut them off at the pass.

Diversity in the Financial Workplace

by Teri Wesley

Six federal regulators have issued a joint statement proposing new diversity standards for the institutions that fall under their supervision.

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Technology Update
What is the Cost of a Data Breach?

Training Page
Complaint Management Program

by P. Kevin Smith, CPP

When investigating customer complaints, regulators are likely going to start with a review of your bank's complaint management process.

Weigh in on Regulatory Burden

The federal banking agencies have issued their third notice requesting comments on regulatory burden in three categories.

Help for ID Theft Victims

To assist consumers with reporting and recovering from ID theft, the FTC has launched a new website.

Focus on Fraud

From the editor's desk
More Thoughts on the Enemy Within

by P. Kevin Smith, CPP

Internal system safeguards and background investigations can mitigate losses from internal theft.

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A Letter From the Editor

Executive Director:
Barbara Hurst
P. Kevin Smith, CPP
Contributing Editor:
Teri Wesley
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