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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 20, Number 3

April 08, 2010

Banking in the New World: Mobile Banking IS the Future

by Genilee S. Parente

Mobility - even when it comes to banking - is becoming mainstream today.

Fed Final Rule on Section 311 FACTAct of 2003

by Genilee S. Parente

The Feds announced final rules on notices provided to creditors under less than favorable terms.

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Are You SURE You Understand It?: A Quick Tutorial on the New Overdraft Rules

by John Burnett, Hotline Advisor

Understanding how your bank’s overdraft service works under the new Reg E rules will help you help your customers.

Overdraft Fee Changes Mean Denied Credit

Short term credit for consumers will be affected by the new overdraft regulations.

Insiders Negligence Leading Breach Cause

The leading cause of data breaches at financial institutions is negligent insiders.

From the editor's desk
An Interesting News Item

by Barbara Hurst

Sometimes too much information really is too much information!

Editorial Correction

"To err is human..." correct divine.

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