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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 30, Number 5

May 31, 2020

The Post-COVID Banking Era

by Teri Wesley

The world as we knew it before the global pandemic hit is gone. Like every sector impacted, the financial industry will need to adapt and change with the "new normal" that emerges in the post-coronavirus era.

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Fighting Synthetic ID Fraud with Selfies

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Credit Card Fraud Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Jim Beveridge

The global pandemic that has shut down businesses, left millions of Americans unemployed, and severely impacted the economy is spawning a fraud pandemic with credit card fraud skyrocketing – and consumers, businesses, and banks facing increased risks.

FinCEN: SAR Burden Request for Comments

As part of the Paperwork Reduction Act, FinCEN is taking another look at how it calculates the burden imposed on financial institutions for filing SARs.

Money: The Greatest Financial Crime Motivator

Data breaches and security incidents surged to a record high in 2019 with financial gain continuing to be the leading motivator behind cyber attacks.

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Don’t Romanticize Rioting & Looting – Demand Accountability

by Jim Beveridge

In the wake of the death of a Minneapolis man while in police custody, civil unrest has erupted across the nation that is leading to the destruction of businesses, retailers and banks.

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