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Compliance Action, Volume 18, Number 5

April 16, 2013

Managing BSA: Lessons From Enforcement (4 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

As one major institution found, maintaining an effective compliance program requires adequate staff and resources - and the necessary investments to maintain them.

ECOA: Who and What are Creditors (2 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

The definition of creditor is pretty clear In most regulations - with the exception of Regulation B, which has a broader definition of creditor for the express purpose of reaching the myriad persons or entities that play a role in the lending game.

Action Training
Compliance and Commercial Lenders (Chart)

By Lucy Griffin

Compliance implications in the commercial lending arena are far more varied than consumer lending. Compliance requirements with regard to particular issues affecting commercial lenders should be periodically reviewed.

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In the Editor's Opinion
Why Are We Confused?

By Lucy Griffin

With the influx of new laws affecting mortgage, as well as other lending areas, compliance managers are in a constant state of confusion.

Compliance Q & A

Executive Guide to Compliance Regulations

Executive Director:
Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Board of Advisors:
Patti Blenden
John S. Byrne, Esq.
David Battle
Robert P. Chamness
David Dickinson
Phillips G. Gay, Jr.
Barbara Hurst
Robert G. Rowe, III, Esq.
Michael D. Maher
Andy Zavoina

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