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Compliance Action, Volume 13, Number 3

March 10, 2008

BSA and CTRs: GAO's Analysis (5 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

GAO has published its study and recommendations on CTR filing, and the related burden, to law enforcement.

HMDA, CRA, and Credit Unions: The Great Debate (4 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

Since the creation of HMDA and CRA, the great debate about credit unions has been whether they should be subject to the same rules as banks and thrifts.

Is It a Business Day or Isn't It? (Chart)

By Lucy Griffin

Is It a Business Day or Isn't It? (Chart)
Knowing what constitutes a 'day' can make the difference in complying with the regulatory timing requirements.

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In the Editor's Opinion
Go, No Don't Go

By Lucy Griffin

With CRA ratings breathing down their figurative necks, financial institutions generated lending programs in formerly redlined areas. The problem we face today is that some loans should not have been made.

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