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Compliance Action, Volume 27, Number 7

November 30, 2022

Flood Insurance
Focus on Private Flood Insurance (3 Action Steps)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

In the wake of recent HUD final rule amendments that allow mortgagors the option to purchase private flood insurance on FHA-insured mortgages, make sure your lending staff not only knows that private flood insurance is an acceptable option, but also how to determine if a loan meets the provisions for private insurance.

Safeguarding Customer Information – Another UDAAP Opportunity

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

Consumer watchdog agency the CFPB is warning financial institutions that inadequate security for sensitive consumer information collected, processed, maintained, or stored can be considered an unfair practice.

Compliance Notes

Flood Insurance
Private Flood Insurance Checklist

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

We've provided a downloadable checklist that can be used to review a policy to determine if it meets the private insurance policy standard.

Compliance Calendar

CFPB's Irons in the Fire

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

The CFPB is ending the year with a lot of regulatory irons in the fire.

Training Page
Training Tips

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

Who says that compliance training has to be boring? We have tips to shake (or tune) it up a bit!

Compliance Online
FEMA Flood Insurance Info

Nancy Castiglione, CRCM
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