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Compliance Action, Volume 19, Number 16

December 31, 2014

Loss Mitigation: All the Regulations You Need to Know (6 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

While the special rule on loss mitigation in Regulation X appears to address everything the loss mitigator should do, there are other regulations that may also apply to the situation.

Dealing With Customer Complaints: Which Rules Rule? (2 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

Giving proper attention to customer complaints has never been more important. The trick is recognizing what they are as they arrive and then getting them to the right place for investigation and resolution.

Action Training
All the Things Loss Mitigation Staff Need to Know (Chart)

Loss mitigation staff must be familiar not only with the RESPA rules for loss mitigation, but other regulations that may play a part in the loss mitigation application, underwriting, and decision-making.

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In the Editor's Opinion
New Year's Resolutions

By Lucy Griffin

The New Year is here - and with it the best time to make some resolutions for an easier compliance road ahead.

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2015 Executive Guides Coming Soon!

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