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Compliance Action, Volume 14, Number 10

August 12, 2009

Flood Insurance: New Proposed Q&As (6 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

You can no more predict the actions of regulators than you can prepare for what Mother Nature may bring upon us. The agencies have issued some final - and surprising - Q&As on flood insurance.

FACT Act: Final Rules on Accuracy and Integrity (3 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

The agencies have also been busy publishing final rules on the accuracy and integrity of consumer reports.

Action Training
Marketing With Compliance

By Lucy Griffin

Marketing done wrong can be costly. Stay in compliance by reviewing advertising practices and updating marketing checklists.

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In the Editor's Opinion
What to Do With Finance Companies?

By Lucy Griffin

Finance companies have certain 'freedoms' not available to banks. Sheila Bair didn't hold back in expressing her thoughts about finance companies to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

Compliance Q & A

Final Flood Positions

There are several of the new Flood Insurance Q&As that you may want to pay special attention to.

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