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Compliance Action, Volume 11, Number 2

February 28, 2006

Managing Vendors: Some Guidance from the Agencies (6 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

Your regulator may not help you shop for vendors or negotiate terms but the FFIEC agencies have published some guidance for your contract relationships.

RESPA: Can Your Lenders Outsmart Section 8? (4 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

RESPA's ยง8 prohibitions against bribes and kickbacks make a lot of sense in theory. It is in the practice that things become difficult.

Action Training: Who is Covered? (Chart)

By Lucy Griffin

Regulatory coverage for specific situations can be confusing. This chart provides the regulations' definitions for coverage to use as a reference tool.

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In the Editor's Opinion
Burden v. Results: Is Compliance Worth It?

By Lucy Griffin

The best solution to regulatory burden would be to prevent the need for regulation and stop blaming compliance.

Compliance Q & A

CRA & Disasters

By Lucy Griffin

The OCC has issued recent guidance providing an expanded interpretation of activities in disaster areas. Most significant is that this guidance clearly recognizes the role of CRA in economic development.

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