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Compliance Action, Volume 12, Number 8

July 05, 2007

Nontraditional Mortgages: Final Forms (5 Action Steps)

by Lucy Griffin

Model forms for non-traditional mortgages published by the agencies will help consumers make informed choices and select the best mortgage plans for their needs.

CAC Discusses TIL Proposal (4 Action Steps)

By Lucy Griffin

The Consumer Advisory Council comments favorably on the Federal Reserve Board's proposal to revise the credit card disclosures of Regulation Z.

Co-Signer, Co-Applicant, or Co-Borrower? (Chart)

By Lucy Griffin

A great deal of time and energy goes into determining whether an applicant has a co-borrower, a co-signer, or a co-applicant.

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In the Editor's Opinion
Banking Regulators Do It Better

By Lucy Griffin

Who is better equipped to handle the supervision and enforcement of consumer protection?

Compliance Q & A

Emerging HOEPA Issues

By Lucy Griffin

Emerging HOEPA Issues
Concerns related to HOEPA loans was one of the hot tops discussed at CAC's recent meeting.

Executive Director:
Lucy H. Griffin, Esq.
Board of Advisors:
Patti Blenden
John S. Byrne, Esq.
David Battle
Robert P. Chamness
David Dickinson
Phillips G. Gay, Jr.
Barbara Hurst
Robert G. Rowe, III, Esq.
Michael D. Maher
Andy Zavoina

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